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Wine barrel cleaning, treatment and maintenance blog. Topics of interest for winery owners and wine makers. Learn how steam vapour cleaning equipment can make your job of sanitising new or used barrels go quicker. Enjoy huge savings on your water bill- pressurised steam has a very low water content- around 5%- and requires a shorter "per barrel" cleaning time.

Using pressurised dry steam vapour saves you money in several ways.

  1. Reduces staff labour time per barrel- especially if you have our barrel handling equipment at your winery
  2. Extends the life of your wine barrels- so you don't have to replace them as often
  3. Saves you money on water- steam exits the machine with only 5% moisture- and gets the job done quicker than water rinsing

Read about how to get rid of nasty Brettanomyces and other harmful bacteria. Steam vapour is kind to oak and leaves no nasty contaminants or residue which can spoil wine.

4 Reasons to Become a Wine Barrel Cleaning Distributor

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Four reasons on why you should be a Wine Barrel Cleaning Distributor are simple and straightforward with a business model that had proven itself over many years for many individuals across the regions in Australia. Explore this incentive possibility with us and join the Wine Barrel Cleaning family.

Traditionally, chemicals have been used to clean wineries and barrels. Most people go straight to chemicals when they think of giving something a good clean. The problem is chemical cleaning is not as safe or as effective as you might have suspected.

Aside from the fact that it has the potential to impact the wine’s colour, taste or smell, they are also ineffective in some cases. On the other hand, a barrel steamer is one of the most powerful tools you can use to replace chemicals and that is for a number of reasons.

Barrels age like wine, that is if you take care of them. Wine barrel washing, in principle, is both simple and complicated at the same time. It is simple because it doesn’t take much to keep it in pristine condition, but complicated because getting to know what you need to keep it that way is where the fun is.

Many people use various chemicals to clean the wine barrels. The problem is that those chemicals can interfere with the taste of the wine, as it can get absorbed in the wood.

There are various elements that go into making quality wine. Timing, grapes and safeguarding wine from contamination are just some of the important factors that go into the wine making process.

However, poor wine barrel cleaning can un-do a lot of the effort that goes into wine making. For a vessel that is used to store, age and enhance wine, the correct cleaning methods are vital to the quality of the wine.

This is a common question that gets asked a lot when it comes to winery hygiene. The wine barrel is an important vessel that stores and ages the wine. Therefore, it’s a pretty important part of the wine making process.

An aged or dry barrel doesn’t help with the flavor a barrel imparts or its hygiene. Rehydrating and cleaning your barrels actually goes hand in hand. Using steam vapour to do this two-in-one process is a great way to “safeguard” your wine from wine growing bacteria as well as allow your barrels to stay “fresher” for longer.

As spring approaches, winemakers around Australia are preparing for the upcoming vintage ahead. A key part of preparing for vintage is looking at your barrel maintenance program and wine barrel cleaning process.

Traditionally, barrels have been cleaned with pressure washers. Nowadays, wineries are moving away from pressure washers, not only because of its significant use of water and subsequent water waste, but also because pressure washers merely “warm wash” a barrel rather than disinfect it.

We're delighted to announce the publication of an authoritative guide outlining the best way to treat and maintain wine barrels. Wine barrel treatment is necessary to prevent contaminant build up, and to rehydrate the wood so the barrel seals. Long periods of empty storage can cause gaps to appear in the wood, rendering the barrel unserviceable. Read about the best maintenance for wine barrels as detailed in our article.

No matter if you own a small, medium or large sized winery, the use of steam vapour technology to keep your winery equipment deep cleaned and santised is an ideal choice.

High temperature steam technology has been around for decades, and originated in Europe. In the last 10 years, various industries that consider decontamination or infection control a priority, such as hospitals, hospitality and accommodation; now consider steam one of the best methods for safeguarding and cleaning today.

Your winery cleaning needs don’t require multiple products, machines and accessories. There are systems that have tools and attachments that will clean tanks, bottling lines, tanks and other winery equipment with just a single unit.

One of the top cleaning methods for not just providing deep clean but also sanitising winery equipment is high temperature steam technology. Here are key ways steam not just cleans but protects wine quality.

Wineries small, medium and large now understand how the cleaning process impacts on wine production. Cleaning is no longer separate to the winemaking process, but part of the production.

Cleaning of a winery involves a lot more than just keeping the visible areas clean or hosing down equipment. Key areas for winery cleaning include barrels, bottling lines, vats, tanks and winery equipment.

However, not all winery cleaning equipment is created equal. To get the most out of your winery cleaning equipment purchase, ensure that the following key aspects are considered.

Do you know that oak barrels are one of the greatest investments and highest expenses in a standard winery?

Eradicating brettanomyces is essential to prevent this resiliant yeast from spoiling wine. "Bretts" as they are often referred to, grow anywhere in the wine production space. From staves of Oak barrels, to tanks, bottling lines and even in bottled wine- brettanomyces are difficult to remove, and bloom late. This means they can go undetected in the early stages of wine production, only to manifest later, and spoil the final product.

And the first person to detect it- can be your customer- because brettanomyces can lie dormant and finally bloom in the bottle!

The July Kit is the name of the optional tools and accessories kit that come with all of our Bacchus wine barrel cleaning machines.

In today’s article, although we are only explaining 4 ways the July Kit deeps cleans your winery, there are many, many more ways the July Kit provides value to your Bacchus machine purchase.

The July Kit comprises of premium grade steam accessories that allow you to perform a range of versatile wine cleaning applications.

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