Do you know that oak barrels are one of the greatest investments and highest expenses in a standard winery?

Eradicating brettanomyces is essential to prevent this resiliant yeast from spoiling wine. "Bretts" as they are often referred to, grow anywhere in the wine production space. From staves of Oak barrels, to tanks, bottling lines and even in bottled wine- brettanomyces are difficult to remove, and bloom late. This means they can go undetected in the early stages of wine production, only to manifest later, and spoil the final product.

And the first person to detect it- can be your customer- because brettanomyces can lie dormant and finally bloom in the bottle!

How to remove Brettanomyces from Wine Oak Barrels

We have published a comprehensive article about removing brettanomyces and it's essential reading for all winery owners and wine makers.

We are now approaching the peak time of the year in the summer season for wine barrel cleaning and it is perfect time to equip your winemaker with some information about wine barrel cleaning’s latest cleaning technology, steam vapour.

Our Bacchus 94% dry steam systems can:

  • Clean with up to 95% less water
  • “Deep clean” with no chemical required
  • Thermally sanitise oak surfaces to eliminate Brettanomyces.
  • Rehydrate and revitalise barrels to restore oak and wine flavours
  • Increase wine barrel life investment by up to 25%

What can Bacchus systems can clean?

With a selection of specially developed machines and tools for winery equipments, our Bacchus industrial steam cleaners can be used to efficiently clean:

Wine Barrels

Wine barrels can be cleaned, de-tartrated and thermally disinfected with +160 degrees Celsius steam in approximately 5 minutes with as little as 3 litres of water. The use of Bacchus as means of environmentally friendly steam-based cleaning method eliminates the need of excessive amounts of water, expensive chemicals or gas flame that is hazardous to winery.

Wine Equipments and Bottling Line Sanitisation

Production equipment for wine making can be fully cleaned and thermally sanitised with super heated dry steam in high temperature and high pressure to completely dislodge and destruct stubborn grimes, bacteria and tannins. Bacchus machines enables direct connections to bottling lines, tanks and vats via Garolla connection to supply powerful heated steam into the inside of lines, vats and tanks.

For more information on wine barrel cleaning solutions, visit or call 1300 577 722 (Australian Toll Free).

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