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We offer a live online video broadcast in wine barrel cleaning. This is ideal for the wineries in remote locations who cannot attend on-site demo events and suits the winemakers with busy schedule.

We use UStream TV as our preferred broadcast channel to broadcast live wine barrel cleaning demonstration. Once the live broadcast event is arranged, the live video will be broadcasted here.

Alternatively simply contact us and register your interest to attend a live online broadcast demo. We email the invitation once we reach the sufficient numbers of the attendees for the live broadcast event.

Below are samples of broadcast videos that have been shown in the past to indicate the live demonstration of cleaning in barrels, tanks, and vats.

You can watch our live wine barrel cleaning demonstration on our broadcast channel below.

Register to watch our online product demonstrations

We also offer live, online product demonstrations. Normally scheduled once every month, we bring you free wine barrel cleaning demonstrations straight to your computer, smartphone or tablet.

All you need is internet connection and a device to view the demonstration.

If you wish to register for our next online product demonstration, simply contact us and we will send you an invitation with the link to the broadcast when our next demonstration is scheduled.

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