bottling line cleaning with steam vapour


Bottling Line Cleaning with Bacchus Steam System


This revolutionary steam vapour system +165c is capable of sterilising and disinfecting 2300 bottles per hour bottling line, making it the most powerful cleaner on the market.

It specialises in professional steam cleaning and sterilization of bottling production lines with or without microfiltration.


Steam pressure

The Bacchus equipment is designed to work at a steam pressure between 0,2 and 6 bar. This guarantees the highest possible quality of cleaning at the lowest cost possible.

Continuous steam flow

A continuous flow of steam ensures that there are no gaps between the equipment and the surfaces to be cleaned. This guarantees optimal cleanliness, even on tight bends in the production line.

Direct water connection

An additional direct connection allows for a quick cooling down process after the purging phase in order to minimise any condensation dripping on sensitive surfaces, such as conveyor belts or storage tanks.

Easy operation with minimal complexity

The low-voltage control panel is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface allowing quick configuration of all necessary parameters without any training.


Step 1 - Connection of a Bacchus steam machine to a bottling line

a hose from bacchus unit is plugged into bottling lie

Simply connect the hose from Bacchus steam machine to the plug in Bottling Line system using Garolla connection

Step 2 - Rapid steam vapour sanitisation

rapid steam vapour thermally sanitises thorough the bottling line system

Sanitise bottling lines thermally, with the added benefit of using a chemical-free process.
Keep bottling lines and pipes hygienic to prevent the buildup of tartrates and stains.

Step 3 - Bottling wines are maintained in highest quality

improving bottling lines and quality assurance with rapid steam vapour

As superheated dry steam vapour thermally deep clean the system, bottling process is ensured to the highest standard.

Clean All Work Areas Within Your Bottling Line Factory


How is it achieved?

Our technology achieves rapid sanitisation temperature and only requires 20 minutes to sanitise completely. Apart from saving a great deal of time in the sterilisation process, no chemicals are used and thus no wastewater will be produced.

how bacchus system completely clean the entire bottling line pipe system

  • Instant steam vapour heat transfer upon contact with all surfaces significantly reduces the time required to clean and sterilise equipment
  • Effective disinfection of yeast and mould with steam temperatures up to 165ºC

Why should you use Bacchus Steam System?

Bacchus Steam system provides superheated dry steam vapour with little moisture in highest pressure available to completely sanitise the entire bottling line and machinery.

sanitise bottling lines to avoid contaminating the wine liquid


  • 99.7% reduction in water consumption and wastewater treatment (uses as little as 2L/hr instead of 678L/hr)
  • Rapid start-up boiler (only requires 5 minutes)
  • Environmentally friendly without the usage of chemicals
  • Long-lasting microfiltration cartridges


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