The Only Winery Cleaning Equipment You Will Ever Need

The best wine comes from a meticulously clean winery. All stages of the production process should be perfectly clean and sanitised, to ensure no bacteria contaminates wine making equipment or the wine itself.
The answer to a professional, chemical-free clean of your complete winery work and presentation areas, is superheated dry steam vapour.
There are no chemicals- which means there's absolutely no risk of leaving any harmful residue that could find its way into your grape juice or wine, at any stage of production.

From Bin to Bottle- and Every Step Between!

Powerful steam vapour- from our range of cleaning equipment developed especially for winery sanitising- cleans bins, buckets, carboys, work surfaces, fermenters, barrels, tanks and public areas. No bacteria can survive the 160+ degrees dry, pressurised steam vapour- which exits the machine at 6 bar pressure.
This is the only way to clean and sanitise wineries and wine-making equipment effectively.
Nothing else comes close. Bins, barrels, vats and tanks are dry and ready for use within minutes. There's no pool of water left in barrels, so they're ready for wine immediately. Powerful steam vapour is discharged under pressure, and penetrates into the staves and kills all bacteria, and contaminants, including brettanomyces.

Clean All Work Areas Within Your Winery

Collection Bins

clean and sanitise grape collection containers prior to harvest
  • Remove all contaminants from grape harvest containers before use.
  • Avoid contamination carry-over between harvests.

Sorting Tables

sanitise sorting tables to avoid contaminating the crop
  • Powerful steam cleans grape sorting tables and work areas.
  • Grape handling surfaces should be cleaned prior to sorting the harvest.

Crushing Bins

sanitise the crushing bins in your winery before tipping grapes in
  • Crushing bins should be cleaned prior to use.
  • Ensure grapes go through a clean juice extraction process.

Grape Juice Capture Trays

sanitise juice capture trays before grapes are crushed
  • Ensure grapes are crushed on clean equipment.
  • Grape juice should be racked in clean tanks, to avoid contaminating wine.

Fermentation Tanks

wine fermentation tanks should be cleaned and sterilised before grape juice is poured in
  • Sugar from the grapes converts to alcohol during fermentation.
  • Tank surfaces should be scrupulously clean to avoid contamination.

Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

sanitise stainless steel wine tanks with super heated steam
  • Winery tanks are dry within minutes, ready for ageing the wine.
  • Clean your tanks and barrels without chemicals- avoid spoiling wine.

Cleaning is Not Enough

Cleaning winery equipment, means that surface dirt and debris are removed. You need more than this- because cleaning does not kill micro-organisms, like yeast, fungus and bretts, to name a few. Wine can easily become contaminated and inherit the bad taste left by unwanted micro-organisms.

winery cleaning schematic overview, recommendations for sanitising wine production facilities

All Winery Equipment Should be Sanitised

No living organism survives a dry steam blast, superheated to 160 degrees Celsius. The sanitising power of steam vapour is the most effective way to destroy all contaminants and bacteria from wine barrels, tanks, work surfaces, and bottling lines. There are no chemicals used with our powerful steam cleaners- so your wine won't inherit an after-taste of cleaning solution.
Arrange for a demonstration- and see our powerful steam cleaning equipment in action. Watch how quickly our steam generators power through the heaviest cleaning jobs, and streamline the cleaning process for winemakers. A complete system- from steam cleaner to barrel handler- represents the best way of cleaning and sanitising wineries, oak barrels, production areas bottling lines and public spaces.

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