Combined Water Pressure and Steam

We have one unit which is a steam and water pressure machine. It operates throughout the range of 6-10 bar, and cames in a range of power wattages to suit your cleaning "clout".

You also get some attractive extras. There's a lance, a steam diffuser, an electric washer steam and siphon cleaning rod- as well as 4-10 meters of connection hose.

There are also some very specialised options you can order, to make the most from your new machine. You can read about- and see- the extras on the Bacchus Steam Pressure page.

Our wine barrel cleaning steam units hook up to your existing pressure washer. This allows you to have a dual operating wine barrel cleaning application.

Although steam vapour on its own is enough to deep clean and sanitise your barrels, some wineries also like the pressure washer connection feature as it allows them to keep doing their previous barrel cleaning routine, but with the added feature of steam vapour disinfection.

In order for your pressure washer to connect to our steam vapour units, a Garolla connection is required. Please enquire about our Garolla connections upon requesting information and we can also give you a price.

    • the bacchus steam generator is shown with a wine barrel set up for clening, and two steam diffusers- a single head model, as well as a rotating-head diffuser
    • wine barrel ready for sanitizing, rests on a stand with bacchus steam pressure machine alongside
    • a special attachment is used to feed high temperature dry steam vapour into an oak wine barrel
    • high pressure within the wine barrel, causes steam vapour to discharge. This is part of the optimal barrel sanitizing process, which kills brettanomyces and clenases deep within the pores of the wood
    • the perfect wine barrel cleaning system for medium volume wineries. A semi-automatic barrel handler, paired with a bacchus steam pressure generator, cleans and dispels any contaminants and residue from the previous season
    •  image showing the ease of pumping steam under pressure, into an oak wine barrel. The cleaning process sanitises, removes tartrates and bacteria- as well as penetrates the pores of the wood to displace and expel old leftover wine from the previous season

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