Manually Operated Barrel Washing Trolley


A manually operated barrel cleaning and washing trolley - flexible and compact.
Best for barrels of 225 - 500L.

Portable, high-pressure internal cleaner for oak barrels, which enters the bung hole from a barrel.

The manual barrel cleaner features the rotary cleaning head which can be connected to Bacchus steam machines. The rotary cleaning head has spray nozzles that are driven by an electric motor that rotating about a horizontal and vertical axis.

This results in a complete coverage of every part of the internal surface of the barrel. The robust stainless steel trolley feature makes for easy handling around the winery.

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  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • Includes wheels for easy transport
  • Designed for barrels with 225-500 litre capacity

Suitable for:

  • Small wineries (up to 300 barrels).

manual handling of wine barrels is easy, using this specially designed trolley wine barrel prepared for loading onto manual trolley, prior to cleaning with high temperature steam vapour the manual handling trolley also retains the wine barrel securely, ready for the operator to clean and sterilize it a cntrolled release of the clean wine barrel, ensures safe and efficient handling, ready for the next unit


Volume for barrels

225 - 500L

Working Temperature

Up to 150°C

Operating Pressure

Up to 180 Bar

Flow Rate

Up to 30 litres / min


115 Volt



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