Our Range Of Products

We are proud to present this selection of steam generators designed to output high temperature dry steam vapour. This process is remarkable- in that it uses no chemicals- so you have no risk of cleaning chemicals entering your barrels tanks or vats.

There are different steam output machines, as well as steam and water pressure machines to choose from.

We also have some barrel handling units to make the process of moving and handling wine barrels easier- whether you want to do it with a manual trolley or select a level of automation to suit your winery.

All Bacchus machines have a stainless steel chassis and body, automatic refilling system with an electro-mechanical control inside the boiler. All machines feature the state of the art True TempTM boiler technology, which is a one of a kind system that allows for consistent high temperature, dry steam pressure production.


bacchus industrial

The Bacchus Industrial is a three-phase dry steam generator. It is ideal for cleaning medium to large sized wineries.
bacchus pro

The Bacchus Pro is a three-phase dry steam generator. This machine is suitable for medium sized wineries looking for a stronger output of steam pressure
bacchus static

The Bacchus Static is a three-phase dry steam generator. It is the most commonly sought after Bacchus machine of the range due to its ability to suit all types of wineries.
bacchus mini

The Bacchus Mini is a mono-phase dry steam generator. It produces a strong and consistent steam pressure despite being the smallest of our range.

Steam and Water Pressure

steam power bacchus

The Bacchus Steam Pressure is a three-phase dry steam generator that also acts a dual pressure washer. Ideal for all wineries that require both a steam cleaning system and pressure washer in the one machine.

Automatic Washing Systems

auto washing system

Automatic Washing System for multiple barrels - ideal for cleaning bulk barrels in once. Save time and water.

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