Steam Products

Some machines are steam only. The is a mono-phase power steam generator, ideally suited to winery cleaning tasks. It operates at 2.4 or 3.6 Kw and has an automatic refilling system. It also boasts an auto on/off switch, a digital thermometer, pressure gauge and hour meter, to help you monitor functions.

The heavy duty Bacchus Industrial has a direct connection to your water supply, and features an operating pressure of 6 bar. The Kit Bacchus is also included- a versatile steam diffuser and 4-10 meter hose for even steam vapour distribution, gives a thorough, even clean.

The Bacchus Pro Dynamic is a lighter unit and runs at slightly lower maximum power. It's also a three-phase generator, with a direct connection to a water supply.

The Bacchus Static has a larger, 40 litre water tank, and is another unit in our range of 6 bar, direct water connection machines. An optional digital device and ppower meter can be ordered with this machine.

Of course if you need any information, just submit an inquiry and we'll be only too glad to help. We have regular events and promotions, you're welcome to request details of these.


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