Automatic Washing Systems

A number of practical systems exist to make your wine barrel management tasks easier, when cleaning time comes.

The best choice of assistive machinery or equipment will depend on the size of the winery, the barrel throughput and resources.

In terms of system cost- the savings will rapidly outweigh the purchase outlay- with savings in staff time and wages. Take a look through the products you see listed here. From a fully manual barrel handling trolley, to an automated cleaning system designed to handle two big oak wine barrels at a time, we handle professional grade machinery designed to keep working.

Matching one of these barrel handling units to the correct steam generator and accessories will set your winery up with a perfect cleaning system for your barrels, vats and tanks.

You'll be able to use your steam generator as a stand-alone device for cleaning work areas, and exterior surfaces

Why our washing systems will save you time and money

Depending on your winery resources and staff, having the option of an autonomous or semi-autonomous washing system will give you peace of mind that your time can be best spent in other areas of your wine making production process.

Unlike traditional barrel washing systems, such as pressure washers, a person is required to operate the machine and be there for the end-to-end process.

Investing in one of our complete washing systems will save you time and labour in the long run. Time equals money.



Three Types of Barrel Handlers

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