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This promotion has expired.
If you have purchased any wine barrel cleaning machine from us between 1st to 14th April 2017 you are still eligible to claim bonus gift. Simply submit the redemption form in the bottom of this page to us.

  Easter Promo

Limited Time Easter Offer

With every order of our Bacchus wine barrel cleaning machines, receive a bonus

'July Hose, Lance Tool and Triangular Tool Kit'

Offer valid from 1st April 2017 - 14th April 2017

Wine Barrel Cleaning with lance Tool

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Bonus items include:

  • Bonus July Hose

    • Attach to your machine for winery steam detailing.
bonus july hose
  • Bonus lance tool

    • Steam detail the exterior surfaces of barrels, vats and tanks.
bonus lance tool
  • Bonus triangle tool

    • Steam clean.
bonus triangle tool

Eligible selected products:


Fill in the redemption form below and submit the completed form to Wine Barrel Cleaning by email, fax or postal along with proof of purchase.

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