How Steam Achieves Effective Wine Barrel Cleaning

wine barrel cleaning info graphic demonstrating the effectiveness of steam vapour in cleaning wine barrels
Wine Barrel Cleaning's steam machines apply high pressure which converts water into super-heated dry steam inside the barrel within minutes. Our popular is ideal for all winery cleaning applications. It suits smaller wineries.

Easy & Simple

The entire process takes approximately 15 minutes once a minimum temperature of over 100ºC is reached. The whole process is done without any chemical, so there's no waste water to treat.

Effective in Removing Tartrates and Tannins

Steam machines can effectively and efficiently remove tannins and melt tartrates present in old barrels. Wine Barrel Cleaning's steam machines rehydrate the oak barrels during storage, as the cleaning process creates a natural vacuum within the barrel.
Prolonging the life of the barrel makes it a cost effective treatment.




Watch the video on simple steps in set up Bacchus system and cleaning wine barrels.

Special events for winemakers

There are five easy steps in setting up an efficient cleaning system for wine barrels:

  1. First drain the barrel of any wine residues to allow steam to penetrate all areas;
  2. Turn barrel so the plug hole is facing up, and insert the Bacchus steam diffuser;
  3. Turn on the steam in the machine and insert a thermometer;
  4. Wait and watch as the temperature climbs up to +100 degrees Celsius in minutes when the steam actively breaks down tartrates;
  5. To finish, simply turn the barrel to drain residues and allow to cool.
Wine barrel cleaning equipment

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