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Disinfecting Brettanomyces

Winemakers, we understand the need to produce quality wine. Brettanomyces also known as "Brett", is a type of yeast that is detrimental to the quality of the wine. Infected barrels can lead to disappointment, downtime and affect the cost of production when you are harvesting your next batch of wine. This is an issue encountered by many winemakers throughout wine regions across Australia.

Preventative measures can be taken if winemakers are investing in the correct winery equipment. At Wine Barrel Cleaning, we can tailor solutions for winemakers across the region. Our technology uses high-temperature dry steam vapour which allows the removal of "Brett" from wine barrels, vats, tanks and bottling lines. Attentive barrel maintenance and winery cleaning contributes to the prevention of unwanted organism and reflects a higher output of quality wines.



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Why Steam Vapour is Good for Removing Bretts

Steam Vapour cleaning technology can remove "Brett" inside the barrel. The powerful, pressurised steam vapour is the answer for a deep cleaning through Oak barrels. No chemicals are needed with our commercial grade cleaning equipment, so there is no foreign substance to impart an after-taste into the wine. Pressurised steam can rise to 165 degrees. This treatment is powerful enough to penetrate deep into the staves of the wine barrel and destroy all contaminants, including Bretts. Our steam vapour machines operate without the need for chemicals.



Disinfecting Brettanomyces Banner

Preventative Barrel Maintenance

At Wine Barrel Cleaning, we recommend sanitising new wine barrels and existing barrels that may contain Brett. All new wine barrels also make the perfect breeding ground for Brettanomyces. Yeast feeds on the high levels of wood sugars and cellulose still present in fresh barrels. When you clean new wine barrels before use, with one of our steam vapour cleaning machines configured for use in wineries, you eliminate all bacteria. Cold water rinsing is not an efficient way to clean wine barrels, as it does not have the sanitising properties of high-temperature dry steam vapour.

Older barrels are far more susceptible to a Brettanomyces outbreak if winery hygiene has been neglected or effective barrel cleaning has not been appropriately completed.


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Thorough Cleaning Throughout The Entire Production Line

Over the years, we have identified that winery equipment is the breeding ground for Brettanomyces and this affects the complete production line. With years of experience working closely with winemakers, we have treated the most difficult to reach areas and worked on the related pain points within the production line that might not get cleaned thoroughly. Bottling lines, transfer lines, vats and tanks as well as crushing equipment are all potential breeding sites for Brettanomyces. With Wine Barrel Cleaning equipment, we reach the untapped corners and tight spots within the production line.

Removing and preventing Brettanomyces is done by cleaning and sanitising with dry steam vapour. Pressurised steam is the only way to kill off all yeast spores and is useful because the high pressure drives the steam into places inaccessible by conventional cleaning methods.

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