s Practical Applications of High Pressure Steam Vapor in Wine Barrel Cleaning
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our steam vapour cleaners can sanitise wine barrels on site
oak wine barrels ready for cleaning in winery
wine barrels are pressurised with high temperature steam for sanitising
winery barrels made from oak wood, ready for a pre-season clean
wine barrel is filled with high temperature pressurised steam for effective sanitising
Kills Brettanomyces and other volatiles
Kills Brettanomyces, disinfect with steam.
Steamer and washer in one
Don't just wash, deep steam clean at +165 degrees Celsius.
Uses 90% less water
Efficient Bacchus wine barrel cleaning system that reduces water usage.
Prolongs the life of barrels
Barrel hygiene and oak restoration to prolong life of your barrel.
+160°C steam cleans barrels 5 x faster
High temperature steam vapour is a natural disinfectant that provides a deep clean and kills bacteria. No chemicals or toxins required.

Wine Barrel Cleaning Applications

Wine Barrel Cleaning

melt tartrates and sanitise oak wine barrels with powerful steam vapour


  • Add longevity to your oak barrels
  • Rehydrate and revitalize the Oak
  • Remove left over bitter tannins and melt tartrates

Bottling Line Cleaning

bottling line cleaning made easy with our portable, trolley mounted high temperature steam vapour machine


  • Rapid start-up of the boiler (about 5 min)
  • No need of special permissions or patents for the usage of our equipments
  • Machine with trolley, easy to move as space-saving
  • Ensures long life to the microfiltration cartridges

Tank or Vat Cleaning

effective and thorough cleaning, sanitizing and removal of tartrates from winery vats and tanks. Achieve complete sterilisation of vesselc in fifteen minutes.


  • Removes tartrates and other substances that cling to tank walls
  • Connection to tank allows steam to melt away unwanted substances
  • After 15 minutes tank is completely sterilised

General Winery Cleaning & Detailing

ideally suited to medium and large wineries, our packaged solutions can clean up to 150 barrels per day with a massive saving on water costs


  • Chemical Free, saving you on wastewater treatment, time and money
  • Ideal for medium to large wineries
  • Can clean up to 150 barrels per day

Connect to Existing Pressure Washer

an infographic detailing the attachment and working method of attachments, between the existing pressure washer, bacchus products and barrel cleaning head


  • Add connection hose to Moog barrel head
  • Add extra pressure to existing washing systems for barrels
  • Ensures high quality cleaning
  • Simply plug in and out the connection

Connect to July Bar Kit

a complete suite of accessories for winery cleaning applications, from food and wine handling, to floors and exterior surfaces


  • Additional accessories and kit tools for a range of cleaning jobs
  • Can be used to detail clean the exterior of the barrels or winery floor areas

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