Automatic Wine Barrel Cleaner

This unit is designed to handle barrels with a volume of 225 - 300L.
The automatic wine barrel cleaning system cleans 2 barrels at the same time, and is made from rugged and durable industrial grade stainless steel. It also contains an automated system to rise and lower the barrels, reducing risk of operator injusry and saving labour. Specially designed spray heads provide efficient cleaning. In addition, it comes up with timers that control the duration of the cleaning cycles cold-water / hot-water / cold-water/ draining.



System for the simultaneous cleaning of 2 barrels, with automated raising and lowering device
This system makes large quantity barrel cleaning much easier in high production volume wineries.

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  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • Automated system
  • Capable of washing 2 barrels simultaneously
  • Designed for barrels with 225-300 litre capacity


Perfect for:

  • Suitable for large wineries (up to 1000 barrels).

Automatic Wine Barrel Cleaning SystemAutomatic Wine Barrel Cleaning System 2Automatic Wine Barrel Cleaning System 3Automatic Wine Barrel Cleaning System 4Automatic Wine Barrel Cleaning System 5


Ideal for Barrels of:

225 - 300L

Water inlet temperature


Operating Pressure

Up to 100Bar

Flow Rate

Up to 21 litres / min

Drive Motor Power

3X400V, 50Hz,
4 kW, 5,5 HP



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