Bacchus Static

Available in the following configurations:

7,2 kW - 10,8 kW - 14,4 kW - 21,6 kW



The Bacchus Static is one of Wine Barrel Cleaning’s most popular machine models due to its 40 litre water tank and up to 14L boiler capacity, making it one of the most advanced Bacchus models. It also features an optional digital pressure gauge and hour meter.



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  • 40 litre water tank
  • 5 litre - 14 litre boiler capacity
  • 6 bar operating pressure
bacchus static has a direct connection to a water supply, and runs on 3-phase power, for rapid heating and heavy duty performance the july kit is one of the optional accessories, expanding the versatility and reach of the bacchus static machine, designed for winery and wine barrel, vat and tank cleaning high pressure steam vapour is distributed more evenly through the diffusion wand the July Kit connector allows accessories to be added to the bacchus static steam cleaning unit, for increased versatility garolla connectors are PED approved safe connections, with a mechanical safety valve. They allow dependable connectivity of the steam vapour output to bottling lines and tanks


Boiler Volume

7,3 - 14L

Water Tank


Operating Pressure


Power Cord






*With commercial hire purchase finance package

kit bacchus includes an attachment hose and a steam diffusion wand to provide better results and more even steam vapour distribution

Includes Kit Bacchus

Bacchus Static comes up with toolkit such as steam diffuser and connection hose 4-10m for steam cleaning of bottling production lines, tanks, vats and wine barrels.


Where is the Bacchus Static used?

The Bacchus Static is ideal for winery cleaning and wine oak barrel cleaning with ability to remove Brettanomyces, tartrates and tannins commonly found inside the oak barrels and other wood surfaces during wine manufacturing process.

high temperature dry steam vapour discharges from the oak wine barrel, effectively removing contaminants, brettanomyces, and old wine from within the pores of the wood
the July Kit contains a number of useful attachments and accessories to make your work easier when you use our high temperature dry steam vapour machines

Optional Kits

Kit July 6 Bar - 13 pieces toolkit with large and small brushes to detail clean equipment around a winery;

Garolla connection with a mechanical safety valve PED approved, for the connection to the bottling line and tanks;

Timer Box.


Garolla Connection to Bottling Lines

the secure, industrial grade garolla connection, provides safe attachment of the steam output to the bottling line

Garolla Connection to Vats

the garolla connection securely fastens the steam output attachment to winery vats

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