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Watch the testimonial videos on what clients have to say about our Wine Barrel Cleaning equipment.

Two different winemakers each present unique perspectives on what our Bacchus cleaning machines can do for their winery and their business.

Our client testimonials are presented here for you so that you can learn from other winemakers.

Interview with Winemaker from Sticks Winery

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Sticks Winery discusses their purchase of a Bacchus machine. They based their decision to go with Wine Barrel Cleaning on first-hand recommendations from winemakers in the United States. The fact that the high pressure, high-temperature steam vapour prolonged the life of the oak barrels was a big drawcard. Dealing with a local supplier was also vital to them- although the price point was competitive.

The most significant plus point was backup service, availability and accessibility. They also found the diffuser and steam injection was better because other machines were simply like a spear gun into a barrel. Our Bacchus machines offered a deeper penetration into the barrel reducing water usage by 90% and prolonging the barrel by 25% more.

It's essential to eradicate Brettanomyces and tartrates because they are costly to deal with.


Interview with Winemaker from Centennial Wines

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Tony Cosgriff from Centennial Wines speaks about working with and sterilization of barrels. He outlines the value of being able to reach awkward areas in different areas of the winery and production areas. The ability to clean tanks effectively is a bonus.

The fact that the process is environmentally friendly. In comparison with their previous system, Tony notes that the clean from a Bacchus machine is far more efficient. It goes beyond just taking the residue off the surface- it gets in and sterilises them.

The peace of mind in knowing that this is done so completely is of high value to a winemaker.

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