We're delighted to announce the publication of an authoritative guide outlining the best way to treat and maintain wine barrels. Wine barrel treatment is necessary to prevent contaminant build up, and to rehydrate the wood so the barrel seals. Long periods of empty storage can cause gaps to appear in the wood, rendering the barrel unserviceable. Read about the best maintenance for wine barrels as detailed in our article.

Learn how to treat wine barrels naturally

infographic guide to the advantages offered by the use of pressurized high temperature steam vapour in a wine barrel cleaning environmentProtect your investment, and avoid the risk of yeast contamination. Remove brettanomyces and tartrates, get rid of old wine from the previous season which can spoil your next batch. Dry steam vapour sanitising equipment powers through all contaminants and residues, without using chemicals- so there's absolutely no risk of your wine taking on odours or spoiling. Blasting steam through your barrels and tanks completely eliminates Brettanomyces, as well as lactic acid bacteria.

When a barrel is inundated with high temperature super heated steam, it still remains relatively dry inside, due to the low moisture content of the vapor- around 5% moisture is normal. This avoids the pooling of water at the bottom of the barrel, and the pressurised injection of the steam ensures all wine, yeasts and unwanted residue are displaced from cracks in the wood or pores, in preparation for a new season.

Why Cleaning with Steam is Better Than Using Water

Water sloshed around in a wine barrel does not penetrate the staves effectively enough to destroy bacteria and other nasties that might be present in the blisters and cracks of a toasted Oak barrel.
Super heated, pressurised steam vapour exits the industrial grade cleaning machine at 6 bar pressure, penetrating deep into the Oak, destroying all microorganisms. Chemicals aren't needed because the steam's properties make it a natural sterilizing agent. There are no risks of residual contaminants or unpleasant after-taste in the next batch of wine.

More Information

Be sure to read the complete guide, to caring for wine barrels and get maximum life from your barrel investment.

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