The July Kit is the name of the optional tools and accessories kit that come with all of our Bacchus wine barrel cleaning machines.

In today’s article, although we are only explaining 4 ways the July Kit deeps cleans your winery, there are many, many more ways the July Kit provides value to your Bacchus machine purchase.

The July Kit comprises of premium grade steam accessories that allow you to perform a range of versatile wine cleaning applications.

Here are four ways in which you can use the July Kit to provide a deep and thorough clean of your winery:

Connecting and disinfecting winery equipment such as processing equipment

With the July hose you can connect wine processing equipment with the steam hose outlet, and allow the steam machine to emit superheated dry steam to thermally sanitise your equipment.

Apply superheated dry steam into barrels through bung hole and penetrating deep pores of oak

With the July lance tool you can easily emit steam vapour inside the barrel via the bung hole. This process will help in penetrating deep within the pores of the barrel’s surface leaving free of tartrates and other volatiles.

Deep clean vat taps and outlets

Thermally disinfect and remove bacteria off tap and connection outlets on vats to ensure there isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria infestation.

Deep clean wine tanks

Microfibre cloths and pads attached to the triangular tool, whilst producing high temperature steam, will ensure large coverage of wine tank surfaces to completely disinfect and remove all old wine build up to ensure tanks are clean for its next wine storage use.


Do you know that oak barrels are one of the greatest investments an ongoing expenses in a standard winery?

As vintage season approaches, now it the perfect time for winemakers to learn more about the latest and most effieicnet barrel technology on the market today, dry steam vapour.

Our Bacchus, 94% dry steam systems can:

  • Clean with up to 95% less water
  • "Deep clean" with no chemical required
  • Thermally sanitise oak surfaces to eliminate Brettanomyces.
  • Rehydrate and revitalise barrels to restore oak and wine flavours
  • Increase wine barrel life investment by up to 25%

What can Bacchus systems can clean?

With a selection of specially developed machines and tools, our Bacchus steam cleaners can be used to efficiently clean:

Wine Barrels

Wine barrels can be cleaned, de-tartrated and thermally disinfected with +165 degrees Celsius steam with as little as 3 litres of water. Not only is it a powerful disinfector, but it is an environmentally friendly steam-based cleaning method, which eliminates the need of excessive amounts of water and hazardous chemicals.

Wine Equipments and Bottling Line Sanitisation

Production equipment for wine making can be thermally sanitised with dry steam vapour. This action completely dislodges and destructs stubborn grime and bacteria. Bacchus machines allow for a connector, called “The Garolla” to connect and clean to bottling lines, tanks and vats. For more information on wine barrel cleaning solutions, visit or call 1300 577 722 (Australian Toll Free).

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