Two factors to look for when considering a winery cleaning equipment

Can it work in conjunction with your pressure washer?

Many wineries use a pressure washer to clean their barrels. However, many wineries are now seeing that pressure washers can lead to water waste and the inability to kill bacteria and reach deep within the pores of oak, which is where the old wine lives.

However, just because a winery doesn’t want to use a pressure washer 100 per cent of the time, a pressure washer is still an investment to a winery and should be used in conjunction with a new cleaning purchase if possible.

Look for a wine barrel cleaning machine that can attach to a pressure washer and therefore provide a 2 in 1 action of steaming and washing.

Connection of bacchus wine barrel cleaning machine to existing pressure washer


Does it clean a variety of winery applications?

If you are seeking a wine barrel cleaning machine, it’s important to assess whether that’s really all you need. Would you like it to clean bottling lines? Or perhaps provide a winery detail clean?

Ensure your machine comes with a range of attachments to allow it to perform more than one winery cleaning task.

For example, our Bacchus wine barrel cleaning machines come with a range of winery cleaning tools. Also, they come with an attachment called a “garolla” which allows the machine to turn into a bottling line, vat or tank cleaning machine.

Garolla Connection

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