Barrels age like wine, that is if you take care of them. Wine barrel washing, in principle, is both simple and complicated at the same time. It is simple because it doesn’t take much to keep it in pristine condition, but complicated because getting to know what you need to keep it that way is where the fun is.

Many people use various chemicals to clean the wine barrels. The problem is that those chemicals can interfere with the taste of the wine, as it can get absorbed in the wood.

Now, the use of steam vapor works great for many reasons:

1. You don’t need chemicals – at all

No more citric acid cleaners or whatever you may have in hand, you can go for any high pressure dry steam generator to finish the job. In addition to a thorough cleansing, the 160 degrees Celsius will also sterilise the barrel completely. Even more so, a piece like Bacchus Pro Dynamic uses 90% less water for an amazing cleansing effect.

No chemical is the go-to method for most professionals. They have completely removed all need to chemicals and began relying on steam vaporising machines exclusively. The effects are absolutely great and they don’t have to worry about their wine soaking in unusual aromas.

bacchus barrel cleaning without chemicalsBacchus Professional

2. Complete sanitising kits

In case you possess older wine barrels that have seen their days, you may want to step it up a bit and opt for the Bacchus Mini Dynamic, which is the best sanitising tool you can find. Its reduced size, combined with its 6 Bars of pressure, a 7.5-liter water tank and a 5-liter boiler, this little guy can deliver a staggering 94 grams of dry steam per minute, completely sterilising the interior of the barrel.

wine barrel cleaning with bacchus miniBacchus Mini Dynamic

Professionals everywhere have elevated their wine barrel washing to the next level and know only to use state of the art tools to get the job done.

Steam vapor machines can be used in small, medium and large wineries alike, because their immense power is unmatchable and can cope with any type of challenge in style.

If efficiency is what you are looking for, then this is what you need.


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