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  • The world's most versatile and effective cleaning solution for wine barrels. Steam powered.

    Cleans. Sanitises. Detartrates. Rehydrates.

    Kills Brettanomyces
    Kills Brettanomyces, disinfect with steam.
    Reduces risk of contaminated wine
    Don't just wash, deep steam clean at +180 degrees Celsius.
    Reduces water usage by 90%
    Efficient Bacchus wine barrel cleaning system that reduces water usage.
    Increase the life of wine barrels
    Barrel hygiene and oak restoration to prolong life of your barrel.
    Natural disinfectant process
    High temperature steam vapour is a natural disinfectant that provides a deep clean and kills bacteria. No chemicals or toxins required.

Tecnovap Wine Barrel Cleaning

Wine Barrel Cleaning in action with Steam

Oak barrels are one of the biggest investments a winery will make.


The use of the Tecnovap cleaning system as barrel steamer will effectively treat and take care of the barrels increasing the longevity of the oak, lengthening the use a winery can get out of their barrels, saving you thousands of dollars per year.


The vapor property of dry steam allows for the pores of the wood to be opened, releasing not only tartrates but also old wine and bitter tannins that have been absorbed inside the wood. The whole process revitalizes the wood barrels while being safe on the char of the oak.

Best Cleaning Machines

We offer a wide range of industrial steam cleaning machines for disinfecting wine barrels. Here's the list of the steam machines that we sell most often.

4 Reasons to use Tecnovap

  1. Our system uses less water by 90%;
  2. Our steam performs 4 jobs in one action;
  3. The steam kills Brettanomyces;
  4. Natural process without chemicals.

Advantages of using Tecnovap

  1. Disinfection;
  2. Removal of Bretanomyces from the wood fibers;
  3. Complete releasing of scale from the barrel's walls;
  4. Detartrating and disinfection of the barrel with only one operation.

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